SUSTANON (10ML 250MG/ML ) – UltraPharm

SUSTANON (10ML 250MG/ML ) – UltraPharm


Manufacturer: UltraPharm
Package: 250mg/1ml
Substance: Sustanon

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SUSTANON – UltraPharm

Sustanon almost immediately after the establishment attracted the attention of athletes. It happened a few decades ago and now it is one of the most popular AAS in bodybuilding and strength sports in General. Since all esters that comprise Sustanon have different terms of half-lives, it is possible to combine all the advantages of short and long-acting preparations testosterone.

To obtain a high anabolic and smooth background, you can simply put one shot in seven days. Note that sustanon UltraPharm the price is somewhat higher than that of individual drugs. At the same time, many athletes want to buy sustanon UltraPharm because of its efficiency and performance.

Anabolic sustanon profile UltraPharm

Anabolic activity – 100% in comparison male hormone.
Androgenic activity – 100% in comparison with the male hormone.
The ability to be converted into female hormones (aromatization) is high.
The degree of stress on the liver – no.
Release form – injection.
The duration of effects on the body – 10 days.
Time to detect signs of drug use using the doping test is about three months.

the Positive qualities and effects of sustanon UltraPharm

A significant increase in muscle mass.
Strong anticatabolic.
Increased appetite.
Improves oxygen supply of cell structures.
Increases libido during the cycle.

the Methods of application and dosages sustanon UltraPharm

Sustanon UltraPharm course to be pursued for no more than ten weeks. After that, the anabolic efficiency begins to fall rapidly. Dosage of steroid are in the range from 0.25 to 0.6 grams. Since the drug is actively aromatize, approximately 14 days after the first injection of sustanon should replacement therapy can be initiated only after 21 days after the cancellation of sustanon. The drug can be used in combination with nandrolone for mass, or winstrol with the aim of improving the quality of muscles. Thanks to the implementation of combined cycles reduces significantly the risk of side effects that confirm and sustanon UltraPharm reviews left by Pro-athletes.

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