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as an active ingredient of Winstrol contains Stanozolol. Between the properties of these drugs, there are no fundamental differences. However, due to the fact that Winstrol after the introduction does not pass through the digestive system, its biological value is slightly higher in comparison with tablets. Recent academic studies have found antiprogestagennoe activity of this anabolic.

Now builders often include Winstrol in the cycle of nandrolone and trenbolone to suppress their negative impact on the body. The drug can be used by girls without any risk for your body. Winstrol price can vary significantly at different stores sportpharma, but we have it is minimal.

Anabolic winstrol profile

Anabolic activity – 320% in comparison male hormone.
Androgenic activity – 30 percent in comparison with the male hormone.
The ability to be converted into female hormones (aromatization) is missing.
The degree of stress on the liver average.
Release form – injection.
The duration of exposure on the body – from 9 to 24 hours.
Time to detect signs of drug use using the doping test is about twelve months.

the Positive qualities and effects of winstrol

Perfectly improves the relief muscle.
Dramatically enhances physical and stamina, making very effective use of anabolics in cyclic sports disciplines.
Accelerates fat reduction cellular structures in the body.
Quickly removes from the body all excess liquid.
Inhibits the production of globulin and this can significantly increase the efficiency of any combined cycle AAS with the participation of winstrol.
Possesses anti-estrogen activity.
Is an antagonist of the hormone progesterone.

the Methods of application and dosage winstrol

the Optimal dose of the drug is 50 milligrams. Since the half life of winstrol is small, then enter it should be daily or at least every 2nd day. Also note that representatives of cyclic sports that use the drug exclusively to increase strength, enough to use a dose of 10

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