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Substance: Stanozolol

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Stanogen today is one of the main drugs for drying cycles. It also helps when properly combined with other AAS to gain muscle mass excellent quality. The drug is extremely popular, and Stanogen the price is affordable.

Anabolic profile Stanogen
The anabolic properties of 320 per cent of the male hormone;
Androgenic properties – 30 per cent of the male hormone;
The ability to be converted into female hormones (aromatization) – absent;
The degree of stress on the liver average;
Release form – tablets, injection;
The duration of exposure on the body – from 9 to 24 hours;
Time to detect signs of drug use using the doping test is about 360 days.
The positive qualities and effects Stanogen
Excellent improves the quality of the relief and this is the main purpose of the drug;
Promotes the growth of physical parameters;
Increases appetite;
Quickly removes from the body fluid;
Has anti-estrogenic properties.
Methods of application and dosages Stanogen

Solo Stanogen the course is not very often, but even in this case, the results will be excellent. Daily dose of the drug is 30 to 50 milligrams, and the duration of the course is equal to a maximum of six weeks. If You want to gain quality weight, you should combine Stanogen with potent androgens, for example, Anapolon or testosterone. For drying is to use a bunch of Stanozolol-Trenbolone. Learn about the results of the use of steroid you can read Stanogen reviews.

Buy Stanogen You can have in the store. Our managers will help You choose the dosage and combination with other drugs. They will give all necessary information about him and will help with the preparation of the course.

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