OXA (100TAB 10MG/1TAB) – Chang Pharma

OXA (100TAB 10MG/1TAB) – Chang Pharma


Manufacturer: Chang Pharma
Package: 10mg/1tab
Substance: Oxandrolone

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OXA – Chang Pharma

today, Oxandrolone is often used in the course of drying. Despite the mild effects, the drug is extremely effective. However, oxa chang pharma price some builders seem excessive. But it should be remembered that qualitative and effective drugs can’t be cheap. Very effective and most importantly safe, is oxa chang pharma for girls. Today there are very few drugs that can be used by women without risk to health.

Anabolic pharma profile oxa chang
Anabolic properties – 400 percent of the male hormone;
Androgenic properties to 25 percent of the male hormone;
The ability to be converted into female hormones (aromatization) – absent;
The degree of stress on the liver is low;
Release form – tablets;
The duration of exposure on the body – from 8 to 12 hours;
Time to detect signs of drug use using doping test – up to two months.
The positive qualities and effects of oxa chang pharma
Improves the quality of the relief muscles and increasing their firmness;
Powerful fat burning properties;
Increase the speed of production of somatotropin;
Increases physical parameters.
Methods of application and dosages oxa chang pharma

most Often oxa chang pharma course does not last for more than two months. The maximum daily dose anabolic is 80 milligrams. Solo the steroid is used rather seldom and the maximum result can be achieved during combined cycle. For a powerful cycle athletes is most often used chords oxandrolone with primobolan, winstrol and testosterone.

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