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as the active component of primobolan is methenolone used substance, which is a derived from the most powerful androgen – dihydrotestosterone. At the same time, the molecular structure of the steroid has been some change, whereby it has a low androgenic activity. With the help of steroid you can get masses of excellent quality, as well as a perfect drying cycle. Our metenolone enantate Ultrapharm price you will definitely like.

profile Anabolic metenolone enantate Ultrapharm

Anabolic activity – 88 per cent in comparison male hormone.
The androgenic activity of 44 percent in comparison with the male hormone.
The ability to be converted into female hormones (aromatization) is missing.
The degree of stress on the liver low.
Release form – injection.
The duration of exposure on the body – from 4 to 7 days.
Time to detect signs of drug use using doping test – about six months.

the Positive qualities and effects of metenolone enantate Ultrapharm

Accelerates the growth of muscle tissues without delay for fluid.
Has fat burning properties.
Strong anticatabolic.
After a course hardly felt the effect of recoil.

the Methods of application and dosages metenolone enantate Ultrapharm

to Pursue a solo metenolone enantate Ultrapharm course to weight is not really advisable. Your muscles will increase in size and rollback after the loop will be almost. The results, however, you most likely will not be happy. But metenolone enantate Ultrapharm to buy for drying will be very correct decision. Use of anabolic should be for no more than two months.

as the half-life of the steroid is large, it is sufficient to enter it once every seven days. At that, the weekly dose is 0.4 grams. Do not begin rehabilitation therapy earlier than 21 days after the last injection of the steroid. The drug is combined with other AAS. You have the opportunity to use it in bundles with almost any other steroid. For example, a bunch of Nandrolone-Primobolan is the safest and will allow you to gain quality mass. And using a combination of Winstrol-Primobolan. You can perfectly dry.

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