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Package: 25mg/1tab
Substance: Mesterolone

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Proviron belongs to the group of steroid drugs and has a low androgenic activity. Related to this is its ability to strengthen erectile function. Among other aromatase inhibitors Proviron is the weakest and is not able to accelerate the synthesis of testosterone, but due to the presence of the other benefits is quite popular among builders. Many athletes decide mesterolone UltraPharm to buy because of the ability to inhibit the production of globulin and thereby increase the effectiveness of AAS cycle. You will definitely like mesterolone UltraPharm price in our store sportpharma.

the Positive qualities and effects of mesterolone UltraPharm
Inhibits secretion of globulin.
Possesses androgenic activity.
Increases the efficiency of the erectile function.
Methods of application and dosages mesterolone UltraPharm

the Daily dosage of the drug is 50 milligrams. It is advisable to use two equal doses. Also, to increase the effectiveness of proviron tablets should be taken after eating. The maximum dose is 0.1 gram per day.

You have to remember that exceeding the maximum dose almost always leads to the opposite of the expected result. In addition, increase the risks of side effects. If you plan to use UltraPharm mesterolone after the course, it is better to do it together with tamoxifen. At the same time often Proviron is taken during a cycle of steroids.

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