MELTOS ( 50 tab 40MCG/1TAB ) – Pharmacom Labs

MELTOS ( 50 tab 40MCG/1TAB ) – Pharmacom Labs


Manufacturer: Pharmacom Labs
Package: 40mcg/1tab
Substance: Clenbuterol

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MELTOS – Pharmacom Labs

clenbuterol has the ability to act on beta receptors located in the cell structures of adipose tissue. This explains the powerful fat burning properties of the drug. At this point in time, clenbuterol can safely be considered one of the most powerful fat burner used by athletes in courses of drying. Also, this drug is often mistaken, and people who want to lose weight. Meltos pharmacom for weight loss are extremely effective and this was confirmed by the numerous reviews. At the same time the drug is actively used by athletes and after the course AA, as it helps protect muscle tissue from catabolic reactions. Note that meltos pharmacom price in different stores may differ slightly.

Positive qualities and meltos pharmacom
A powerful fat burner.
Has a strong anti-catabolic properties.
There is a thermogenic effect.
Decreased appetite.
Stimulates the nervous system.
There is a slight anabolic effect.
Methods of application and dosages meltos pharmacom

the Maximum dosage of the drug for men is 140 micrograms, and 100 micrograms. If clenbuterol is taken solo, the duration of the course is 14 days. To improve the efficiency of the drug it makes sense to use it in combination with ketotifenum. This will increase the duration meltos pharmacom course of one month and decrease the risk of side effects. Daily dose of ketotifen is from 1 to 2 milligram.

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