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MELATONIN 3MG 30 TAB/1TAB – the sleep hormone.

MELATONIN 3MG 30 TAB/1TAB – a human hormone that is produced by the pineal gland epiphysis. His main role is played by the regulation of the processes of sleep and wakefulness. An interesting fact that scientists believe this hormone is one of the oldest and most secure. Also, this hormone is interesting because of the ability to improve sleep quality, but also many other useful properties. This product can be used to absolutely everyone, regardless of sphere of activity. The full study began in 1993 and is still underway. All these data indicate a positive effect of Melatonin on the human body.

the Effects of MELATONIN 30 TAB
Melatonin for sleep (make the sleep deeper and longer).
Leads to normal blood pressure.
It has sedative and anti-stress effect.
Improves and strengthens the immune status.
Reduces the amount of fat and stimulates weight loss.
Speeds up recovery after physical activity (very important in sports).
Stabilizes carotid cycle.
The use of Melatonin in sport is very important, because proper recovery leads to improved workout performance.
Instructions for use Melatonin

to Start the reception, always with a minimum dosage of 1-2 mg of the substance. If you don’t experience adverse or allergic reactions, the dosage can be increased to 5-6 mg per day. The maximum dosage should not exceed 10mg of the substance per day. To use Melatonin just before bedtime. Combine it with vitamins and other biological supplements. The duration of the course melatonin from 1 to 3 months, then you should take a break. Melatonin price sports supplements on the market are not high and therefore the rate order immediately for 3 months is not difficult.

MELATONIN 30 TAB reviews

a Huge number of people are taking MELATONIN 30 TAB and it can be found in the public domain. All the reviews are positive and all noted the improvement of the condition of the body as a whole, increase health, and sleep. Melatonin helps fight stress, which in our days is extremely important. This hormone is available and can be found with virtually no problems.

Where to buy MELATONIN TAB 30.

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