LETROZOLE ( 40TAB 2,5MG/1TAB) – UltraPharm

LETROZOLE ( 40TAB 2,5MG/1TAB) – UltraPharm


Manufacturer: UltraPharm
Package: 2,5mg/1tab
Substance: Letrozole

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LETROZOLE – UltraPharm

Letrozole UltraPharm is a synthetic estrogen that is often used by athletes who take anabolic steroids to prepare. This product is inhibits aromatization and does not appear such side effects as gynecomastia, water retention and increased blood pressure, fat deposits on the female type. This drug also has indirect positive effects: increase testosterone, rapid absorption, is a potent medication is prohibited for sale, does not violate the functioning of the liver.

negative effects Letrozol include: weakness, dizziness, vomiting, fever, and sweating, increasing heart rate. But all these points were observed only at the time of reception and doses.

How to take Letrozol

it is best to take Letrozol UltraPharm 1 times a day before meals. With regard to dosage, it usually is 0.5-1tab every three days. If such dosages do not help and the effects of the flavoring continues then you should up the dosage to 1 tablet each day.

it should Also be noted that this drug is not very suitable for people who have intolerance to lactose, for young people up to 18 years and pregnant women.

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