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Substance: Human chorionic gonadotropin

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Gonadotropin 5000iu sp

Gonadotropin 5000iu sp labaratories is a natural hormone effects on the body which is comparable to LH and FSH. Therefore, Gonadotropin and is used in bodybuilding. It should be noted that most Gonadotropin sp labaratories after the course not applied. Its main objective is to maintain the health of the testicles during the steroid use. As you know, any anabolic in varying degrees has the ability to suppress the work of the pituitary of the arc. Using Gonadotropin for Post Cycle Therapy, you can avoid serious health problems.

Positive effects of Gonadotropin sp labaratories
Stimulates the health of the testicles;
Prevents the termination of the secretion of the male hormone on a strong course of AAS;
Stimulates the growth of secondary sex characteristics.
Methods of application and dosages gonadotropin 5000iu sp labaratories

Although the term half-life gonadotropin 5000iu sp labaratories and is only a few hours, the drug can affect the body for about two days. If you only use one steroid for a maximum of one and a half months and his dosage was small, the Gonadotropin will not be useful. And if the cycle duration exceeds two months, and the cycle includes at least two anabolic steroids, Gonadotropin 5000iusp labaratories book is a must.

Duration of use of gonadotropin sp labaratories is three to five weeks. The drug should enter every 2nd day in quantities of 500. Also, be aware that the two courses of this drug should pause lasting at least 14 days.

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