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Package: 50mg/1tab
Substance: Clomifene Citrate

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When there is a cycle of AAS, even with the mildest of the anabolic suppresses the health pituitary axis and as a consequence decreases the rate of secretion of testosterone. In the end, the Builder is in the so-called “steroid pit”. This is one of the reasons for the need for regenerative therapy. To restore the level production of male hormones is able clomed. In addition, this drug reduces the concentration of estrogen, which also increases the level of the male hormone. Remember, no matter how slight, you did not consider your course of AAS, you should clomed by balkan pharma to to conduct a a Post Cycle Therapy. It is an effective antiestrogen and clomed balkan pharma the price is very inexpensive.

the Positive qualities and effects of clomed balkan pharma
Accelerated secretion of follicle stimulating and luteinizing hormones responsible for the production of testosterone.
Has the ability to selective effects on estrogenic receptors of the type with the purpose of blocking.
Accelerates the production of seminal fluid, while improving its quality.
Increases sexual attraction.
Methods of application and dosage of clomed balkan pharma

to Take clomed balkan pharma after the course is required only once from the body will be removed all metabolites used on a cycle of AAS. To determine the exact period you should be aware of the periods of the half-life of each steroid you use.

clomed Dosage depends on the severity of the anabolic cycle, but there is no universal scheme that can be used in any situation:

1 week Post Cycle Therapy – clomid dosage is 100 milligrams.
2nd-3rd week Post Cycle Therapy – take 50 milligrams of the drug.
4 week Post Cycle Therapy – dosage is 25 milligrams.

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