Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
Package: 0.05mg/1tab
Substance: Levothyroxine Sodium

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Citomed balkan is very important in metabolism and the most important thing in reducing excess fat. In our time the problem with the background radiation poor nutrition and other factors depressing the thyroid gland, and in the investigation and production of the hormone. This small gland producing the important hormone thyroxine affects the overall metabolism. In case of problems and an insufficient amount of the hormone the best option is to apply synthetic citomed balkan. It is a full analogue of the natural hormone and quickly brings homeostasis to normal.
Positive qualities citomed balkan
Reduces the amount of adipose tissue.
Stabilizes the metabolism in the body.
Slows down aging.
Controls the development of the organism at all stages.
Increases oxidative stress to the cells of the body.
Can affect the metabolism of the vitamin in the body.
Can lead to an increase in the number of cardiac contractions.
Methods of ingestion and dosages of citomed balkan
Welcome citomed balkan depends on the degree of problem and objectives. Acceptance begins with dosages of from 25mkg a day and depending on the effect resolved further increase in dosages. Maximum dosage of thyroxine should not exceed 200-250mkg per day to avoid toxicity and complications in the body. The duration of the course citomed balkan is from 2 to 3 months with a further break at least a month. You should also not stop the use immediately, it is important to reduce the dosages of citomed balkan gradually to a minimum. If deterioration should stop taking the thyroxine and seek medical advice. In General, the thyroxine does not bear special side effects and experience shows that research is a very effective drug.

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