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Substance: Boldenone Undecylenate

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BOLDEVER 200 -, oral steroid, which

When you create Boldenone scientists have put before ourselves the purpose to increase the duration of effects on the body Dianabol. However, the result was obtained completely new steroid, significantly different in its characteristics from dianabol pills. At the same time, we must recognize that the structure of the molecules of these drugs are very similar.

Molecular structure of Boldenone is reminiscent of the male hormone, but because only one change has significantly reduced the androgenic activity of the drug. Based on practical experience, we can safely say that in comparison with esters of testosterone you will get less results on a course of Boldenone. However, the quality of the pulp will be higher. Note that boldever 200, oral steroid, which price is quite acceptable for most builders.

Anabolic, oral steroid, which profile boldever 200
Anabolic activity – 100% in comparison male hormone.
Androgenic activity – 50 percent in comparison with the male hormone.
The ability to be converted into female hormones (aromatization) is weak.
The degree of stress on the liver – no.
Release form – injection.
The duration of exposure on the body – 14 days.
Time to detect signs of drug use using doping test – four to five months.
The positive qualities and effects of boldever 200, oral steroid, which
Accelerates the growth of quality muscle mass.
Increases power output.
Increased appetite.
Accelerate the processes of synthesis of blood.
Increases the number of red blood cells.
Methods of application and dosages, oral steroid, which boldever 200

If you decide boldever 200, oral steroid, which to buy for the cycle, the weekly dose is from 0.4 to 0.8 grams. Since the half-life of this steroid is big enough that you can enter only once for seven days. It should also be said that boldever 200 course, oral steroid, which last a maximum of ten weeks.

you Can use the drug and as part of the combined cycles. If you need a good dry, you should use bundles Boldenone-Winstrol and Oxymetholone-Boldenone. For quality mass better suited to a combination of this steroid with testosterone and trenbolone.

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